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The Daughter Disaster

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The Daughter Disaster
Nancy (Elena Koshka) just learned shes pregnant from her step-dad Frank (Steve Holmes). She has flashbacks to when she had sex with both her step-father and her step-father’s ex-boss. Frank walks through the door and hears the sounds of Nancy and his wife Kate (Sarah Vandella) fighting about what happened. Kate asks if all that is really true. She wants to believe him but he really hurt her. If he does again, she’s going to leave him. Frank brings Kate to orgasm, but is unable to cum himself. He needs to go talk to Nancy and resolve things between them . . . but there’s a part of him that secretly wanted her all along. That still wants her.

Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genres: Family Roleplay, Feature, Teen
Porn Stars: Craven Moorehead, Elena Koshka, Emily Willis, Sarah Vandella, Steve Holmes